Course curriculum

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    What is Yoga?

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    Break It Down Videos

    • What is Mountain Pose?

    • 4 Principles for (almost) Every Pose

    • Warrior 1 and Warrior 2

    • What is Chaturanga?

    • Downward Facing Dog

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    • 30 Minute Practice

This is for you if...

  • You are curious about yoga and want help getting started. This is an intelligent way to understand the basic principles of yoga.

  • You have been practicing yoga for a while but have some questions about whether you are doing it right.

  • You feel nervous going into a studio right now and are looking for the benefits of yoga: stress relief, increased vitality and connection to self

  • You are a yoga teacher that wants to get better at teaching beginners.

Your Guide

Lead Facilitator

Amy Harris

Amy is a sought after leader, consultant and coach in the yoga and wellness communities. She has facilitated over 20 yoga trainings and immersions in studios and for corporations. Since a young age, Amy has been curious about the evolution of humanity. A constant student of life itself, Amy completed a Masters in Spiritual Science in 2005. Her MSS was an early step on her winding adventure of personal evolution. Amy has studied spirituality, coaching, business, the nervous system, Authentic Relating, yoga, pre and postnatal fitness, somatic practices, graphic design, leadership, and culture. Through it all she has developed a talent for education and human connection.

What's Included:

  • The long list of benefits of yoga: decreased stress, increased sense of peace, deeper connection to self, flexibility, strength, greater physical awareness

  • A 30 minute slideshow on the basics of yoga

  • Five 10-20 minute videos to break down some of the fundamentals of a physical yoga practice

  • A 30 minute yoga class to begin to implement the break down series

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